#whilewewatch Director -Kevin Breslin :

Producer - Mike Vanderfield/8Docos :

US Producer Karen A. Brown

Editor -Garrett Sergeant

Digital Media /PR - StardustBlue Media

Huffington Post: #Whilewewatch: A Review of the Occupy Wall Street Documentary

#whilewewatch - synopsis

A gripping portrait of the “Occupy Wall Street” media revolution, #whilewewatch is the first definitive film to emerge from Zuccotti Park – with full access and cooperation from masterminds who made #OccupyWallStreet a reality. The #OccupyWallStreet media team had no fear of a critical city government, big corporations, hostile police, or a lagging mainstream media to tell their story.  Through rain, snow, grueling days, sleeping on concrete; they pump out exhilarating ideas to the world.  Fueled with little money, they rely on the power of Twitter, texting, Wi-Fi, posters, Tumblr, live streams, YouTube, Facebook, dramatic marches, drumbeats and chants. As the film unfolds, we witness a new dawn with the power of social media.


"Remembering Nigel"Written/Directed/Produced by Frank Howson

2012 NEW Trailer: Produced by Karen A. Brown Edited by: Garrett Sergeant


A funny, sad and finally triumphant life that makes us realize that there’s a little Nigel in us all. 

Best Film Award at the Paso Robles Film Festival in California. Best Film at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival

A group of people get together to remember a man they once knew named Nigel. Unfortunately everyone’s opinion of this man is so vastly different you soon realize nobody knew him at all. In a series of flashback scenes, some funny, some sad, we piece together a man's journey to find the humanity in himself - and in those who loved and despised him.

Produced by Danne Montague-King .... executive producer Sally Kirkland .... producer Frank Howson .... producer J. Marshall Craig .... producer

Cast Martin Landau Steven Berkoff Sally Kirkland John Savage Alex Scott Michael J. Pollard Thea Gill Creed Bratton Rick Burchall Rhonda Burchmore Eric Burdon James Cox Ross Ditcham Peter Donelly Tommy Dysart Alan Fletcher Bernard Fowler Tyler Hilton Lucy Honigman Tim Hughes Bruce Kerr Audrey Lamont David Man Ted Markland Ian 'Molly' Meldrum Billy Miller Adrian Mulraney Roger Neave Bert Newton Mark Rydell P.F. Sloan Ian Smith Barbara Ady Charles 'Bud' Tingwell Stephen Whittaker Richard Wolstencroft and more!

Cinematography by Miles Bennett, Derek Goodall, Michael Town

Film Editing by Miles Bennett and Andrew Brinsmead