‘‘We found ourself in a situation where we were in dire need of a professional website to be built yesterday. We had less than two months to roll it all out. Karen jumped in full force and built us a huge site in less than a week and taught us how to go viral. We handed her a Twitter account that had only 15 followers on it and with Karen’s expertise we were able to attract over 750k views in one month. Bonus! Karen is fun to work with. The rest is history. ’’  - Patricia Richardson - Jill Taylor(Home Improvement)

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‘‘Karen is a superb person to work with, she is knowledgeable, well prepared and totally attentive to details and schedules. Karen has a strong sense for marketing and creating plans for any company or organization that needs to get their message or content out to the public. Karen has a special quality, she loves marketing!’’

-Kevin Breslin - Commercial/Film Director


Karen is the smartest. The saavy-est. The most ethical. And she'll always have your best interest at heart.

- Christine Ohlman The Beehive Queen/ SNL

Mike Dugan

Mike Dugan

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to recommend the unequivocally productive Karen Brown and Stardust Blue. Karen is brilliant and applies that brilliance to her work for her clients. Frankly, I’ve never seen anyone work so consistently hard at serving her clients’ needs.

Karen is enthusiastic, trustworthy, and just as passionate about her clients' work as she would be if it were her own. I’ve witnessed this time and again in the work she’s done for me, and in the services I’ve seen her do for others. I owe a ton of gratitude to her, and I’m proud to call a person of her caliber and intelligence my friend. No one will do a more thorough and excellent job than she.”- Mike Dugan - Emmy Award winning writer

‘I'm taking a time out from my writing to express my delight at the exposure you garnered for my latest book "Affirmed...The Last Triple Crown." The blog in the New York Times was extraordinary and I received a number of emails to that effect. Your superb work building my social media presence has been outstanding! I am currently working on my 26th book which means that I will need your continued expertise in "spreading the news" when I finish my manuscript and receive a publication date from the publisher. Looking forward to your interaction with the media. ‘

-Lou Sahadi - author

“Ms. Stardust helped us get 175,000 views on our very first post without an ad spend. We had tried other digital media specialists with very little effect.  Her techniques got wide ranging and impactful results. “

-Jamconz, Inc. Entertainment Corporation.

Allyson Adams

Allyson Adams

“Thank you Karen Brown and StardustBlue for my magical website. You brought all the essential elements of my work into a unified brand and gave my career a purposeful identity with flair! Watching you create this stunning vision from our collaborative process over 3 days was nothing short of miraculous. Bottom line, you know your stuff and make it a joy, even while working your ass off! I can’t wait to see what happens next.” 

-A.L. Adams, Award Winning Writer

“The Queen of Better Ways”
We were very comfortable with our promotions, satisfied with our results, basically in a rut without realizing it. Then we met  Karen who showed us how to realize significant increases with each new campaign and she never stops!

- Lenny Berg ( Former owner Heartbreak, NYC)