Documentary film and Branded Content

Our team at StardustBlue Media can be there to film your branded content for YouTube or your documentary style short films. Below is some of the work of J. Marshall Craig.


Wedgewood: A Dynasty of Excellence

Wedgwood: A Dynasty of Excellence

Written and directed by J. Marshall Craig. Produced by Nicholas Wedgwood-Evans. With narration, supported by on-site interviews, we begin with Josiah Wedgwood I, who revolutionized pottery internationally in the early- to mid-18th century and went on to use his power, wealth and influence for social reform, social justice, mechanical invention, we examine the achievements of one of the founders of the First Industrial Revolution and one of England’s most prominent slavery abolitionists. We examine the PERSON as much as his achievements. “I hope to astonish the world all at once” is one of his lasting quotes — something he clearly achieved in not only his own lifetime but through his children and generations that followed. We move on through the key achievements of his descendants, sons Josiah II and Thomas; his eldest daughter Susannah; her son, the legendary naturalist Charles Darwin; Josiah III and his grandson, eminent composer Ralph Vaughan Williams; Thomas’ son Ralph; and the four successive 20th and 21st century Wedgwood Barons, including Colonel Josiah Clement Wedgwood, 1st Baron Wedgwood, DSO, PC, DL sometimes referred to as Josiah Wedgwood IV (16 March 1872 – 26 July 1943) a British Liberal and Labour politician who served in government under Ramsay MacDonald; Josiah V, who was responsible for turning the company’s fortunes around and who also served as a Director of the Bank of England and Chairman of the Royal College of Art. He was the last member of the family to hold executive control of the company. Every generation of Wedgwood has had a dramatic impact on industry and/or humanity: From Josiah I, the generations that followed included, one of the founders of photography, one of the pioneers of carbon paper and the telegraph, continued efforts by every Wedgwood to abolish slavery and improve working conditions for not only Wedgwood factor workers but all workers with the introduction of schooling and daycare at factory sites; the end of the exploitation of poor children being used as chimney sweeps; a founder of the European Refugee Programme; a highly influential champion of the education of men and women in developing countries. The story comes into the present day with Piers Anthony Weymouth Wedgwood, 4th Baron Wedgwood. Continuing the 250-year-old tradition of helping others, Lord Wedgwood himself, after decorated military and political careers, currently runs two charities in addition to his work on behalf of the Wedgwood company as its International Ambassador. As Lord Wedgwood has said, he believes he is “so fortunate to have this incredible lineage” which allows him to continue have a profile to continue the humanitarian traditions in a “great heritage that was started by my great-grandfather, now eight generations back. Yes, I am in a very fortunate position.” Fortunate indeed, as Lord Wedgwood has helped secure the future of the company, through its new ownership by KPS Capital Partners, a private equity company based in New York City; he has also helped secure financing to save the magnificent Wedgwood Museum in Stoke-on-Trent, which was earlier this year slated to be broken up and sold off. Lord Wedgwood is as optimistic as his legendary ancestors and is yet another generation to embrace the family motto of overcoming all obstacles. “We keep dancing until the music stops.”

Emerging Face of Pakistan

In this adventure documentary reality series created, written & hosted by Cynthia Dawn Ritchie, we will avoid politics and bureaucracy as much as possible. We will focus on the 95% of Pakistan that is rarely seen. We intend to show the rural life and the modern technologies; the tonga (donkey) carts and sports car races; the mud huts, #archaeological sites and the brand new malls/skyscrapers; the #ICT and #telemedicine technologies used for education and training; all the while taking a foodie/cultural tour through the country. This teaser reel directed & edited by J. Marshall Craig.

Plymouth 400

America is poised for an anniversary of national and international significance, the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage and the founding of Plymouth Colony. The Plymouth 400 anniversary will highlight the cultural contributions and American traditions that began with the interaction of the Wampanoag and English peoples, a story that significantly shaped the building of America. This live presentation promo was written, directed and edited by J. Marshall Craig.