Social Media at The Blue!

How do we create a solid social media foundation for your project?

Social Media for Indie Projects- In the most "simplistic" way possible, this is how Social Media/New Media can make the engine of your project run!

The Beginning

StardustBlue utilizes Google products as an anchoring point. It's naturally integrated! We set up a dedicated Gmail account for the project. The client will have complete access. All other Google products are already in the account, so the following accounts do not have to be separately opened, yet exist when we are ready to brand them.

Blogger and/or Wordpress? We build a full blog built for the client with integration of Twitter/Your Website/Facebook/Google + , YouTube, a myriad of other web products! Music Industry Integration can include; MySpace, Reverbnation, iTunes etc. Film Industry Integration could include Vimeo, IndyTrailers, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Trailer Addict, etc.

Twitter and Facebook Fan page

StardustBlue will brand each social media page to your specs and begin to populate a following on both Twitter and FB. Utilizing our twitter/FB accounts to accelerate your following as well. Photo albums will be set up on your FB account along with an About Us and links to your Twitter and primary website. We always desire the pages to look full even if no one is looking at it yet.  We create albums from film footage, articles and photos utilizing all the content you provide. We add photos content to the Tweets so visitors will be able to scroll a photo album on Twitter as well. Fully integrating your FB page and website to Twitter. We could add, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr,FanBridge, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitpic, etc. There are a multitude of sites and you should have a presence on as many as possible! This will bring you up higher on search engines and extend your audience reach.

StardustBlue will then target your market through focused Tweets and blog posts. Using both your content and creating new content for you!


We utilized LinkedIn to reach out to those in your targeted market. Linked in is more focused on “The Professional.” We connect to potential clients for you.

Streaming products 

Imagine your concerts/ shows/ Q&A’s Live streaming and monetized!

We have streamers on call for you and/or we can teach you how to stream in house! Using YouTube, Ustream, Livesteam, iRocke, StageIt etc. We have a professional team of live sound engineers, videographers, directors, streamers, film editors at our fingertips to get you the best sound/video streamed to your internet audience and then we can edit for future use!

New Media PR: Bloggers/Vloggers and getting you out there 

Do you have an indie film or indie film company? Are you a musician? Band? Novelist? Night Club? We work with vloggers and bloggers to get your product seen. Stardustblue connects with those in the industry who want to know about you! We make the connection, set the appointment and you do the interview!

Just remember the more locations you are seen on the internet, the more places you can be found that will lead back to your main website. This will bring you up, Up, UP on the search engines and give you an online presence that cannot be matched!

Each project has different needs so feel free to contact us for a free consultation at