The 1st #OccupyWallSt documentary #whilewewatch

#whilewewatch is the raw, inside story of the shifting landscape of power of the media.  Our story is live.  The #OWS media team removed the myth about mainstream media being the only source of information...
                           ...what they did was blow away the illusion.

Stardustblue Media has been truly honored to team up with Academy Award shortlisted documentarian Director Kevin Breslin, son of Jimmy,  since mid September 2011 when Occupy Wall Street, aka#OWS,  moved into Zuccotti Park in NYC. Spending 19 hour days and nights viewing dozens of Livestreams and combing the internet for the source of #OWS, Kevin and I connected with the most wonderful people standing their ground for free speech, free press and the plight of "We are the 99%". #whilewewatch takes us on the journey of how social media launched a new breed of #citizen journalists.  Kevin got a call from Mike Vanderfield at 8docos, in Australia, " Hey mate, want to grab a camera and head down to Zuccotti Park?" So, Kevin and our extensive list of cinematographers filmed day and night - protests, the people of Zuccotti Park and their awakening messages. Citizen media in action at new levels blew mainstream media right out of the water.  Our Preimere at The Paley Center for Media in NYC played to a packed house of journalists - from mainstream media to 50 esteemed members of The Foreign Press Association, David Fagin from Huff Post and a multitude of Citizen Journalists from #OWS Media, Tim Pool, Justin Wedes ( Occupy Wall St Social Media and Educator), Jesse LaGreca ( The Daily Kos), Priscilla Grim ( The Occupied Wall St Journal), Jeff Fox from Some of the articles and videos on our new documentary #whilewewatch are below:

The 1st #OccupyWallSt documentary#whilewewatch

The NYC Film Premiere of #whilewewatch at The Paley Center -

Kevin Breslin's gripping portrait of The #OccupyWallSt Media Team -

#whilewewatch - Directed by Kevin Breslin - Produced by 8docos -AP Karen A. Brown -Edited by Garrett Sergeant @whilewewatch on Twitter - #whilewewatch on FB


Articles : 

HuffPost David Fagin: #whilewewatch : A Review of the Occupy Wall Street Documentary

NY1Acclaimed Documentarian Discusses New Film About Occupy Wall Street By: Stephanie Simon

Capital New York/Joe Pompeo - Kevin Breslin's movie shows the passion, and sophisticated propaganda-making skills, of the Occupy Wall Street media operation 

ABCNews – Dayton - Occupy Protesters Hoping to Spread Message Nationwide

New Documentary Explores the Role of Citizen Journalism during Occupy Wall Street  [video] Exclusive interview [part 1] with director of #OWS documentary, #whilewewatch   

Kevin Breslin, son of Jimmy, debuts his Occupy Wall Street documentary

Citizen Media  The New Documentary #WhileWeWatch

Five Minutes With Occupy Documentary Maker Kevin Breslin - Campus Progress by Emily Crockett

Last Night's Paley Center Screening: Kevin Breslin's While We Watch

International Press -#whilewewatch Ecco il primo documentario su Occupy Wall Street

Occupy the first documentary on Wall Street Marie-Joëlle Parent | Agence QMI 

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Joey Boots on Howard 100 News - #OWS Documentary #whilewewatch

Interview with OWS Livestreamer Tim Pool and Documentary Filmmaker and Director Kevin Breslin at Paley Center for Media - Joey Boots.

Kevin Breslin #whilewewatch Director Talks About The Film with Zennie Abraham

An Interview with the Director of #whilewewatch KevinBreslin Joey Boots

Paley Center Premiere

Philanthropy NY

Foreign Press Association of New York

The Paley Center for Media


Queens World Film Festival - Nominated Best Short Documentary

The Garden State Film Festival - Asbury, Park NJ

Beaufort Film Festival - Nominated Best Director

Peace on Earth Film Festival - Chicago - Special Screening! 2012 Peace On Earth Film Festival News - #whilewewatch 

Cinema Verde

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#whilewewatch Trailer The 1st #OccupyWallSt documentary!

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