Kevin Hupp - Musician, Producer,Songwriter, Music Licensing Joins StardustBlue!

StardustBlue welcomes Kevin Hupp!  Kevin Hupp is an admired NYC musician/ producer /songwriter.

Kevin owns Groove Room Recording Studio in Brewster, NY. As a drummer he has many recording credits including 2 platinum and 3 gold records. Kevin has toured with Van Halen, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Joan Osborne, John Oates, Van Halen, Freedy Johnston, Rufus Wainwright, Iggy Pop, 22 Brides and his current band Slo Leak, featuring Danny"Kootch"Kortchmar.

"I consider myself somewhat "old school" when it comes to recording. Even though I use protools as a format I still believe in recording great takes as opposed to editing one together. Sometimes it takes longer, but I think the end result is better, more real and organic. But most important is the song. I live for the song, and getting it right is paramount. Hopefully I have helped the artists I've produced do that." - K. Hupp. December 2005

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If by chance you hear an artist that has the right sound/voice your looking for but not the right song for your project, let us know. We have a state of the art recording studio and have a continuing relationship with every artist in our catalog ! Let us create the song your looking for. But please check out the music here first, we have a lot of great songs ready to go!

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