StardustBlue Media

Production, Marketing/Branding, Film, TV, Music, Social Media, Writing, Creative Coaching.  
We’re a start-up Media company based out of Sarasota, FL. bringing together amazing talent.  
StardustBlue Media’s creative team writes/ directs/produces for TV, Reality, Sitcoms, Music Video’s Film, Indies, Docs,  Branded Content, web creative and social media.

StardustBlue Media pitches and produces in collaboration with media and talent to the major networks and Premium Cable.  We work with our clients co-creating their dream projects.  Presently we have 3 projects in development and are working closely with major premium cable networks.
We also have a great time Branding your company or project.  Utilizing Social media, blogs. Stardust Blue will tweet, create FB fan pages, connect with newspapers writers, blogs & bloggers for our clientele.

Our Stardust Blue team includes industry veteran writers, directors, producers, production staff, pre/post production,actors.

We will also work  as an agent for our Stardust Blue team.  Co-creating the perfect production team for your project.

The core value of StardustBlue Media is to support your vision.  Assisting you to make that vision stronger/better/more powerful than you can imagine.

With warm wishes of an exciting positive project, The Stardust Blue Team

Recent StardustBlue work includes: 

Director Kevin Breslin's Youtube Channel - Living for 32 - Academy Award Shortlisted doc 2011 - " Living for 32

Director.Producer David Sahadi's Twitter acct - 
Novelist - Lou Sahadi's Facebook Fanpage - Affirmed: the Last Triple Crown Winner