Founded by Karen Brown in 2012, StardustBlue Media, LLC is an all-encompassing media entity that capitalizes on expertise in producing films and music, social media, digital graphics, marketing, branding, promotion and consultation, and on related media vehicles for the client.

Karen brings over 25 years of experience in a vast array of marketing and media enterprises. Her objectives and personal mission is to support her client's vision by immersion in the process that her clients have adopted, with an eye toward enhancing clients' brand imagery on the personal relevancy and compassion dimensions. This cultural foundation of StardustBlue Media brings important transferable equities to the brands and projects.

Karen's operating philosophy for StardustBlue Media is very "hands on" in approach. In order to implement her vision for StardustBlue Media, a proactive and selective screening strategy for complimentary strategic partners was enacted to provide StardustBlue with the capabilities of a full-service branding company.

On the philanthropic side, in 2012, Karen joined the Humanity-Without-Borders Foundation as Director of Creative Media: @HumanityOrg And is a member of The Foreign Press Association.