We Amplify Dreams

We utilize all forms of Creative New Media/PR to teach teams and support talent.

StardustBlue has a Two-Fold Mission

  • To empower in-house teams to step into a higher level of social media, streaming, video content, memes, banners into their present inhouse PR. We work with these clients to clean up – enhance - integrate all social platforms while adding our secret sauce for content acceleration.

  • Philanthropically assist those deserving talented artists in their 60s-80s who are tech challenged and got lost during the 2008 housing market crash which to this day is still affecting many creatives.

StardustBlue will assess your online presence. We guide your team to re- brand as we strengthen and revise marketing strategies for a successful, safe on-line journey.''Our primary focus is to give you a powerful social presence. We draw from our experience in Production, Creative, Film, TV, Music, Video, Marketing, Branding, New Media, Creative Consulting. We place it all under one umbrella where it is always sunny between 72F and 84F with a warm balmy breeze."

We have fun and create positive global change through branding while raising your ROI.


In this tumultuous fast-paced world of social media, technology and disconnection, StardustBlue’s vision is one of re-connection.  We truly care about your product. From inception to completion, StardustBlue will team with you in a collaborative effort to manifest your vision.  Our goal is not just to create a successful product, but to do it with integrity, respect, honesty, appreciation of the client and those who will view your work and ours.

StardustBlue's Clients include industry filmmakers, musicians, expos, restaurants, brands and more! We have a great time branding your company or project with full social/new media production! Utilizing press and bloggers, while building your social accounts and we even teach you how to use them!

The core value of StardustBlue Media is to support your vision, while assisting you to make that vision clearer than you can imagine.