3D 360 Video

The hottest new film tech is about to hit mainstream. Imagine the possibilities of 3D 360 video!

Take your mouse cursor and spin the video from the inside. You'll see 360 degrees around!

Imagine your fans seeing you with a front row seat in 3D 360! More at 3DEvolution

The ever evolving creative industries have moved from the known standard of audio to include the visual element. YouTube, Vimeo, streaming have all stepped into the arena. Now we would like you to picture 3D360 interactive music video. Introducing VR 360 allows artists and execs to catapult into 2019 enhancing the music ‘’media’’ industry. This will also increase the industry’s position attracting more of the consumer’s entertainment dollar. Can you visualize 3D 360 in a concert media capture? We can. We partnered with Sam Ash Hollywood, 3D Evolution and Karma VR to film a test shoot at Sam Ash.